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All DIFRwear products undergo rigorous in-house testing, have been tested by the United States GSA, and are certified as FIPS 201 Compliant—to meet U.S. military data security standards.

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  • What is RFID?

    • Radio Frequency Identification.
    • Chips in new credit cards, passports and identity badges which are activated remotely and wirelessly transmit information.
    • In circulation: 45 million RFID enabled e-passports, 320 million RFID enabled cards.
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  • What is the problem with RFID technology?

    • Attackers are able to remotely identify, read and copy the information on chips.
    • Equipment necessary to skim the devices is available at a low cost. (USD $100)
    • RFID technology is inherently insecure, encryption is too expensive for manufacturers.
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  • How is RFID technology hacked?